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The Foundations of Holonomics 12: The Dynamic Way of Understanding

Transition Consciousness

We now come to Henri Bortoft’s final lecture of 2011 which he gave at Schumacher College in which he brings to a close his exploration of phenomenology, hermeneutics and the dynamic conception of wholeness in science, philosophy, art and nature.

The main part of this lecture explores the scientific and phenomenological approaches to the study of colour and light of Isaac Newton and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This discussion has been covered in part seven of this series which explored the question What is a Phenomenon? I wanted to locate this question prior to the exploration of Goethe’s theory of colour which examined the phenomenological concept of the coming-into-being of colour.

Credit: Holonomics

In this lecture Henri explores the mathematical approach to science and how it applies to theoretical conceptions of light. As Henri explains, “the empirical fact is that light is invisible, you cannot see it. But the phenomenological…

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